Monday, September 7, 2009

Assignment done

Tired, Blurred. I finally finished the law assignment which is 2545 words (not including footnote, if included it will be 3200, got 40+ footnotes.). I start wondering why people would feel tortured with only 1500 words of assignment, if it's just 1500 words, I would finish it in one or two days. Because of the 1000 words difference, the impact was totally different.

I took 1 week to finish it because of the abounding research I had to do. I read more than I wrote, sometimes it could be 2 hours for only 1 sentence.

I drank a tea, hit the road until I saw the sunrise, you know what I mean. My eyes are so sore now, cant even focus right to see. I have to use spectacle to ease up a bit, if not I really wont bother to see anything, because my eyesight is already bad even though I dont wear spect that much.

I really like this vid, it's from Asian Kung Fu Generation, the song is Kaigan Doori. But this is the concert version, they use violin in that background music, it's totally different than MP3 one. I reckon that MP3 one is better. It's on the top 10 song in my Ipod Touch =D

They are initially a bunch of nerds who met up in a music bar or whatsoever before they formed a band together, I dont remember clearly. I'm a nerd as well, I spent years "in house" practising mucis, and now what I'm doing? : Nothing related to music (beside composing song, which doesn't require any practise at all). How envy I am for them, if you really never hear of Asian Kung Fu Generation doesn't mean they are not famous, they are pretty famous in Japan, just you never pay attention to them.

I once listed out how many music instruments I knew and good at, there were 9 including chinese instruments. Now, my skill rust already, I only dare to say I still play fairly well piano and violin only.

At least I surely can play piano blindfolded, I always do that as I sort of head down and play without looking at any key. And I never use any music sheet for play, I can play with both hand after I listened to any song. If you ask me why my head is down when I play piano, it's a habit I acquired after playing for hours and hours everyday. Not just that, I sort of sleep when I play piano, that's why I look down. I know it sounds absurd but it's real, I have a "sleep disease" which I talked about before.


鲁比 said...

会弹钢琴的男生很有魅力 = )

没人妖 said...
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宝贝 said...


Ryousuke said...

鲁比: 弹钢琴是个享受,就好像你喜欢去夜店这样,我喜欢弹琴。^_^