Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's me

That's me one year ago. Look so geli I just know. I was like WTF, this is me ar?

I know I'm contradicting myself sometimes, I said I don't need girl, but I'm doing the contrary right now.

Don't need girl doesn't mean I have to let my opportunity slip away, she has been giving me a lot of chances, and I do appreciate it. I genuinely meant it when I said I don't want to think about having a relationship right now, it took me about 3 weeks for me to get her number because I wasn't intended to do so. I only need to ask and I know she would give me. She just keeps on appearing in front of me, what can I do? It would be awkward if we continue to meet but never have the number of each other, it's like we are still not a formal friend yet. So I asked yesterday, after I asked, she took my phone and typed in her number and miscalled her phone instantly, how you interpret that? eagerness? or nervousness? I don't know exactly.

Sometimes it's vague and it's good in one perspective, because dream is always that vague before it came true.

I continue to meet her almost everyday, she talks with me a lot, we can talk about anything, and she always has the smile on her face. I do not hope much, I just hope we can continue like this everyday, talking and just talking happily.

At the moment, as long we maintain this kinda relationship, I'm content. Sometimes I just lose the ability to talk properly when I was with her, but she just didn't mind. She is just a simple girl, she is hardworking and have a great culinary skills, nah shouldn't say that, should say she cooks very well.

I lack one thing in my entire life, the stability of my mind. That is when you got a lot of ideas and thoughts and you cant seem to let it out or carry it out, it's torturing. Somebody like her would balance me out, I can put my ideas and thoughts on her, and she will be as simple as 1+1 =2, that is all I want.

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