Thursday, September 24, 2009

Commerce graduation

This is me 3 weeks ago, getting more and more recent liao my picture.

Today is the graduation day of Commerce student, I was again, hanging around at uni for study. Despite the fact that my campus is the largest in Australia, it was over crowded, cramped, hard to walk freely and get to a place.

Commerce student's graduation... it was the best!
Why? because it always has been, the most sight-worthy graduation of all faculties or disciplines. A lot a lot of leng lui dressed up nicely walking around everywhere, there were big eyes leng lui, cute leng lui, mature leng lui, any you can think of. They are either family or friends of the graduating student, who came from overseas to attend the graduation, if you saw Asian there are 92% probability she is an international student. The feeling was like Better than entering a beauty pageant contest as a guest, how to say... it was like each time you saw a beautiful girl, you get excited a bit, and before you actually calmed down or dissipated that feeling, you saw another beautiful girl again, it was like I kept being electrifed and really hyped up at that moment.

Hah, imagine how my graduation would be, sure very crappy, all westerners only! Sien... my course don't have many asian, mostly are locals. And I honestly think Chinese, Korean, or Japanese look better than westerner. So I'm not interest at them at all, I will lose appetite when think about their body, gosh they been eating Pizza, Mc Donald, Hamburger for life, what do you except? they are not like what you saw in TV. Only the guy look better, guy are handsome, but still if compares with us, I still prefer us! we got straight hair and balanced body, should be proud of it. And I think our look is more "tahan look" more than theirs.

The graduation day is again really an eyes opening experience, definitely Malaysia got a very limited choice. But I don't preclude the possibility that my country still got hidden gem somewhere. Now I think Hong Kong really got a lot of leng lui beside Taiwan, and of course china because it's vast. If you got watch 美女厨房 you sure know already.

Good night... I dont want to blog so late already next time.

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