Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I watched this for 5 times when the first time I watched it. The title of this clip is imagine, yes I did imagine, but not my wedding. I just imagined how fun is to have a gf.

This is a true wedding anyway, you can create your own cinematic wedding film at here too This price is reasonable, if they can produce this kinda quality film. I'm still young, no need to bother it now. But for those who is getting marry can consider their service, you have to be at Australia I think.

Out of topic*

I have updated my blogroll, I only keep those blogs I actually visit, I know everyone of them of course. I noticed that Ms marple has started to blog already, she already got two posts on her new blog, Welcome! hahaha. (Mistake, I just know that Ms marple had already stop blogging, that post dated 1 year ago @@) And Himeko too, it's so nice to have your blog, wahahaha~

Damn...... sometimes I really hate to hang out with someone I don't feel fun or don't feel right, but I pity them so I always sacrifice myself. Like just now, I don't really like to talk to her, but she keeps want to hang out with me, so torturing... ARRRH...I hate that shit...

Wow, my mood change so quickly from hyped up to pissed.

The ultimate theory is coming, I will write it soon. Be ready, cause I'm gonna smack all ya pretty ass hard.

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