Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunny day

I'm back, finally I can webcam freely as I wanted. (That first picture looks stupid, anyway, this is my blog I don't care)

The new version of msn is not compatible with my webcam, hence I stopped webcam with anyone since then except with my family. Luckily Skype works well with my webcam. So the webcam king is back for a while, hahaha. But seriously, no more already. I'm already 21, playing with webcam is no longer my interest. That time is over.

I lost my key today, I just realised it when I reached home with my friend. And I ran back to uni to find it, found it at the place where I sat 6 hours ago in the lecture hall. It was quite lucky because nobody actually found it and handed it over to lost and found, if anyone did, I could have no key today because the lost and found department closed at 5 p.m. I could have lost $100 (RM300) if I really lost my key. I'm not clumsy, I dropped my key because of my loss pocket. It only happens like once in every 20 years or so, I never lost my key anyway.

Did a lot of cardio than usual at gym, trying to get as near as possible to 0% fat. But then I notice that my muscle is getting smaller, am I doing the right way? My weight is still at constant 72kg, probably the fat is converting to muscle now, that explains why. Hmmm, clear the fat even though I'm not fat then build basic muscle... I'm applying all the "fitness theories" my friend told me, still on the way to perfect my body. I'm now 181cm tall, 72kg.

I've lost someone important because of my ego, I hope she will accepts me... however less the chance is, I'll stand at under 晴天, and wait for her.

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没人妖 said...

all the best in your body and the dream girl....