Friday, September 11, 2009

The new haircut

My friends have introduced me to a hairdresser, which according to them, is very beautiful and very good on cutting. Today, I decided to pay her a visit. I ditched the Japanese lady that I promised her to go grocery together, hopped up a bus and went there.

There are two salons, the new branch which is bigger is at downstair, and the main one is at upstair and somewhere away from the branch one. I always go the branch one, not the main. The saloon name is Aqua.

It was the first time I went to the main one. It was small but comfortable and cozy and they got a really nice interior design that I was impressed. When I got up there, I saw the hairdresser, I was like "OMG, she is hot". You know Ayumi? she is Ayumi hot. I was thinking, she must be the shampoo girl, but she is not! She is the hairdresser. (In Malaysia, they usually hire useless but pretty shampoo girl.) She looks even prettier x10000 times than any shampoo girl that I have met.

I had an eye contact with her since I walked in that salon and never stopped, and she was looking back at me with her innocent way. I didnt know why we would have eye contact for so long, she just kept looking at me and I was attracted with her eyes.

I sat down and let her do whatever she liked to my hair. I became so unreasonable as to making a decision, she asked me "do you wanna cut here short? I think it will be nice =)", I just answered "yes, yes~ =D" And then, GOODBYE to my long hair~~!! T.T...

I wanted to keep my hair long, but she insisted that I cut it short. I did tell her what hairstyle I want, but she got the mind of her own, she thought I should have a short hair. WHY IS EVERY GIRL I MET WAN ME TO HAVE A SHORT HAIR? I dont get it. Whilst, male hairdresser would advise me to keep my hair length at certain point. I have become so unreasonable because she is very attractive and beautiful, she is tall enough, and her eyes are emitting electric field everywhere, as to now I dont feel regret that I have my hair cut, I dont have any disappointment at all, I just feel happy that she cut my hair. =) Even that I want to keep my hair long, it doesnt matter because it will grow back anyway.

I dont think short hair is nice, but I think she likes it. = = She was like didnt care of my opinion anymore, I said "I want to keep the length", she said "I cut here short, it's nice =)" What the hell, Typical korean girl, like my Ex. They are like "because they are pretty they can do whatever they want" like that. Damn geram...

Now I think there are certain topics that I cant publish here anymore. As I'm getting more people to come here, I must restrain myself the desire to speak freely on any topic. Honestly, I dont feel comfortable anymore when people from my previous blog are coming back here, I thought I dumped that blog life, but it seems to come back.


鲁比 said... handsome wehh = )

Ryousuke said...

Ruby very sexy also =D