Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Price pay

[a story which has been told by someone, it's not a confession of a crime, but rather it's a reflection of conscience of someone's guilt. It's not an evidence of a crime, but rather it's a story of a person who commits a crime, and still not a confession of a crime of anybody.]

3 years ago, I did something really bad. I was raged with hormones, bold in a stupid way, and naive.

I had a car race with police, it happened like this. I was sending my sister to sport day, that time I was eager to drive, I was dying to drive a car already, but I didn't have a license yet. I got a L license which is still not a legitimate car license yet, it's only for learning how to car, not to drive. I drove with my mini cooper that I got for christmas. Without wearing any seat belt, I thought I was competent enough to drive and the ego had made me think that I can do anything that I want.

After sending my sister, I was on my way back. There was a turning point which I couldn't see the other side until I made that turn, and it was right after that turn, a road check by police was held. I didn't have my seat belt on, and I was too late to put it on. I had no license, no money to bribe, no IC, was not wearing seat belt, and finally I added another crime to my already committed crimes - I bolted away from the police. It was a result of tremendous stress and the desire to get that full car license before it was nullified by my actions.

I hit full on the accelerator, and I wasn't looking back. Until a moment, I looked at the rear mirror, I was glad I ditched the cops and slowed down. But not true, it was later they caught up with me, and asked me to stop. They drove a 1000cc motorbike, I should not underestimated them.

I was caught and I had nothing to give them, they were about to drag me to the police station, but I did something that all Malaysian would do, bribe the cop. But I didn't have any money, I told them I would go home and bring some for them, at least 100 hundreds buck. They "snatched" my car key, eventually I managed to persuade them to allow me to go home and bring some real cash for them. The police gave me back my key, without the remote control, but I told them without it I couldn't open my car because it constantly automatic lock itself. And they gave me everything, and I took off.

I went back home, and I was about to gather the money for them. I called my dad, he's my savior, I told him everything that had happened, and asked him what's my liability? he said, that police was dumb to let me go, and I could escaped for nothing because of that. There was no liability on part of me, my dad said. He's a lawyer, and a former chief inspector.

I told this story before, and I'm repeating this so that you would understand the background. Today it maybe is the time that I have to pay the price of my wicked, and morally wrongdoing action. I dad called me and asked me just now, he asked did I was caught by any JPJ before? (Jabatan pengangkutan Jalan raya? the department of transport I guess) I said no, the police were traffic police, they were not JPJ officer. He said the mini cooper had been blacklisted by the JPJ.

I replied my dad was it because I ran off the police and I was blacklisted? he said no, It hasn't got anything to do with JPJ. I replied, Oh.

It wasn't the only time I committed statutory offense of this kind before, I was caught by police when driving the same mini cooper while using a phone, and my dad was at the scene, he came to rescue me with his influence. I was driving recklessly at Penang with mini cooper, I almost hit a person at the traffic light when I suddenly made a turn, the biker almost fell off his bike, luckily he was able to recover. It wasn't because my skill are bad, but that biker was frighten when I did that stunt, I was constantly watching him when I did that. Another one, I drove passing two car between or beside them at two lane course, with high speed, they didn't even notice. I play chase and run at highway with some guy at night I didn't know. 

I did a lot of bad things, and that all combined gives me an experience that I will never forget. It made me the kind of driver that drives the most safely. For the record, I never had any accident before, not even a single one after I did all those stunt, I even drifted too. 

I was able to achieve the kind of relaxation that abled me to drive that seemed recklessly to people, but not for me, I thought that was the way of getting home quick. 

Everything has a price to pay, you wont get it not, but you will get it later. Everything has its consequences, do never think that you can escape without any liability. I will one day become the enforcer of law, like my dad, it doesn't allow me to break the law because I can do it because I'm familiar with it, and because I got influence. Dad knew that I was naive, he tried to give me a chance, or else it could be too traumatized for me if I was caught by police and license revoked, he knew I love driving, he knew it could break my heart if I couldn't drive again. He made me realized one thing that I will remember it forever as to never to commit a crime and think you can escape with it. 

Dad is the man, the man of his institution. And I learned something from him, that everything has it's price. IF you hit a man, one day you might be hit by a truck or step on a shit or something. Or maybe you might need to pay the price at your afterlife. It seems that dad is going to cover my ass again this time, to un-blacklist my car, he didn't blame me or say anything just now. And I guess I know his intention.

PS: I don't have time to proofread this, please excuse me if there's any error on the text.

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human make mistake but the problem is did you learn from your mistake?