Monday, September 21, 2009

Energy drinks

There's an energry drink which always freighten me, behold The Mother.

It's so scary even the font used for mother is so emo. It says twice the energy hit, I wonder if you drink it how would you be? no need to sleep for 48 hours. Despite how scary it's, it is sold everywhere in my uni, you can find Mother anywhere literally. I cant imagine anyone would buy Mother and drink it... sure ki siao after a can of mother.

I ran out of the library still hunted by the horror of The Mother, walked for a distance to search for the friendly neighbour drinks: redbull.

Doesn't look that scary as mother, the caffeine level is acceptable. But you wont find Redbull at anywhere as Mother, I wonder why. Redbull definitely my choice, but I don't drink energy drink that frequent, I had to have it because I couldn't focus on reading because of mild fatigue, and I didn't want to waste my time hanging around there for nothing.

If Mother is so successfully sold in Australia, Next time I will invent a new drink called The Terror, I will use very creppy font and put a picture depicting a student after drinking The Terror, can study whole night without a sleep at all, and got creppy fatigued panda eyes while still able to continue regardlessly.

Out of topic:
I successfuly gotten her number, nice, super leng lui wor, I think I don't need《放心追,宅男也能把到正妹》this book afterall. =)

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