Saturday, September 12, 2009

Miss something I lost

I gained a lot of compliments for cutting a short hair, Why I never got people compliment me when I got long hair? My sis said I looked a bit like girl when I got long hair, What the hell? She said luckily I got big body and therefore still ok. What's up with the Japanese hair style?! I'm just following the Japanese, my friend said "yah, that's why japanese hair looks so girly". = = Dude I don't wanna convince anyone already, wonder everyone got see Final Fantasy one or not, the male character always got long hair, and my hair is just about that long only, not like very long and disgusting. At least I must got long side-hair (I'm not sure sideburns is the word for it, because sideburns kinda like beard, not hair), and the fringe must be long enough also.

Got long hair means you can tide up with headband, it always looks nice. I always wear it when I go gym, study, or play basketball. I got 5 headbands, now I have to wait until my hair grow back to wear it already. With long hair I can make a lot of style too, I can use wax to make a messy look or straighten it for a tidy look. Long hair always looks nicer than short hair, the only problem is it's not wind proof.

That picture was taken 2 months ago, I had published others similar one before but not this one. I'll brand my picture if not too much work for me to do so, everyone seems to do it, and I always use photoshop to resize the picture, convenient. If too many pictures to upload, I wont brand it. I'm lazy even to resize my picture, let alone to brand it. Photoshop takes time to load, it will be better if I can resize the picture in other way. A lot of people like to blur their picture with PS, but for me I like it clear, so I only use it to adjust the brightness of the picture. You just need a good lighting condition to snap photo, then it should be fine already, dont rely on PS too much, and I sometimes feel headache to watch blurred or faded picture.

To aiikiko, I'm not Japanese, I'm Malaysian chinese. It's embarrassing to say this, but I donno got how many percent korean, maybe 5%? I got korean ancestry, I have confirmed it from my grandparents and my dad told me Ah zhoh(my grandfather mom) said so, not sure it's true thou, because no evidence so I never tell anyone also except few, because they are not interested. Korean are ugly, I'm not racist, but they are the most plastic surgery done people in this planet, I draw my conclusion based on fact. My Ex is a korean gal, she said she only liked me because I dont look like local chinese boy. I think that's crap, if my friends are reading this they surely laugh.

I think I'll be less updating my blog, exam is coming. Summer is coming too, I can feel the temperature raising quick. The bad news is I wont be going back to malaysia for this coming holiday, the good news is I might get a trip to Taiwan if I score well in this coming exam, I must score well, because I want to know some Taiwanese Mei mei, like this one in this stupid online game ads.

杀很大is now use to describe big boobs anyway, or something extreme. I know yao yao from 黄金计程车, this term was originated from there. 宅男杀手瑤瑤, as a 宅男, ya she kills me, therefore I must go Taiwan.

不错不错, not bad not bad. Save mei mei, kill white face wanker, free to pay. Very persuasive. I just put this just to show how stupid it is, I dont like it at all.


没人妖 said...
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没人妖 said...

look like a girl that mean you have a good looking but honestly if you are a girl,maybe i will......well you know

besides share a movie with you

Microsoft Office 2010: The Movie

鲁比 said...

yes u really look better in short hair,i dont mind guys keep their hair long,but i love to see u in short hair,u look cute!

Ryousuke said...

ruby: thanks ruby, but i still prefer japanese hair, which is long a bit. u will have to like me with long hair =)