Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For the first time I feel I look better with short hair. I look more with killing intent, and for some weird reason, I like it.

I spent my entire day at uni today, after class I went to the library to study. Exam is coming soon, I cant afford to waste my time anymore.

After that call from my dad, I'm quite concern with my past misdeed or misbehaviour would burden my dad. I'm not concern with that car at all, my dad can settle that easily I know. I just want my dad to know, I'm not that kind of person anymore.

I always in control when I am driving, I never lose a bit. But driving like that would intimidate people, even though it's prefectly normal for myself. Hence I wont do that anymore, but it wont stop me from driving fast.

My high viligance ability has its root, I'm about to tell something that only my close friends would know. I had a "thrid eye", I could see things that aren't there. When I was small, I always cry, I was a crybaby. I cried because I saw things that I didn't want, I could sense thing too. In fact if you touch me with one finger when I was asleep, I would wake up instantly knowing that you touched me. Beside that, at first I would wake up with only one alarm beep, and fast enough to stop the alarm before it beeps the second time. Later, I would wake up just before the first alarm beeps. It happened always.

During my primary school, I used to have my eyes glimpsed around over things, it appeared anytime and anywhere. Up until high school, I met some friends who shared the same ability with me, but they weren't that sensitive as me. It was before I graduated, I prayed to God asked him to close that thrid eye of me, and since then I cant see anything already. I'm not a superstitious person, it's your choice to believe it or not. It might sounds eerrie but I think nobody would read it because I have been throwing out a lot of words this lately, nobody would bother to read it all.

As a result, I developed a swift response to anything. I can respond to people mistake in less than 1 second and give a horn to that person. I can avoid collision with just a few cm, I didn't know that but my friend was on the passenger seat told me so.

So I can drive pretty decently, even though I committed those offences, I did it on intentionally. Hope my dad would forgive me.


鲁比 said...

awww good to hear that u are finally happy with ur short hair! yeshh u gonna like it more = D

and ya know what,im very interested with ur third-eye or some eerie stories,i love listening to those kind of stories.
im not a superstitious kind of person too,but i believe in such thing.(just like i believe in UFO and aliens and vampires:P )

ok,study hard on ur exam,good luck!

Ryousuke said...

yup! getting more attention at uni, people just like to look at me. =P

hahaha, didn't know u like this story one. But it's really not worth a mention, I got told people before, and normal people usually will scare.