Thursday, September 17, 2009


hahaha, I just came back from library, I was studying at there.

Guess what happened, I saw a girl watching Kang Xi Lai Le, it's a taiwan's variety show. I couldn't help but distracted, because I'm a person who watches variety shows a lot. I told my friend let's go back already, because my head wanna explode for reading too much. And my friend said we still got 25 mins before the bus came.

I said ok, then I was looking around see what I could do. I looked at that girl again, she was laughing while watching that variety show, so I couldn't help myself again but to bring a chair and sat beside her and watched together. I didn't know her at all, never met her in my entire life. She looked at me thrice, turned her head back and forward, I was thinking that she was curious about what the hell was I doing.

We continued watching the variety show, despite how weird it sounds, as we are completely stranger, it wasn't really that weird at that time. Out of the blue, miraculously, she gave me the other side of her earphone, so I can listen while watch with her together. I accepted it like it was a natural thing to do, I put on the earphone and we watched the variety show and laughed together.

Definitely, I think we got connection, it is like Otaku meets Otaku-chan. haha, quite fun. Before I left, she asked for my facebook and I gave her, I even introduced her to my favourite site: the ultimate source of every Taiwan's variety shows.

It was raining the whole day today, until midnight, the rain had finally stopped. I went for the "midnight jogging" again, it has slowly becoming my routine.

I going to show what I usually bring with me when I'm at outside.

Front view
Side view

As you can see, It's usual. Today was raining, so I got my umbrella (high wind resistance). If for normal day, I would carry with me a bag (I got two, a backpack and a slide bag), a watch (alumnium), a phone (N95 8g nokia), Ipod Touch, wallet, and keys. Inside my bag got Macbook, books, bottle and pen.

That's all I carry to uni everyday. That backpack is special, it's limited edition of its kind, and I saw a lot of fake imitation of it already used by people. I got many shoes to change, got 7 pairs, 4 of them are nike (One Air), 1 sneaker, 1 full leather sandle, and 1 flip-flop.

SO, I'm not the conventional otaku ok? I live like an otaku, but doesn't really look like it. Don't misunderstood that I'm fragile, I always carry umbrella even when it's sunny day, and very obsolete in terms of fashion for at least 10 years.

It's essential to look cool all the time, still cannot be too over in look. Don't underestimate otaku, otaku got many types.

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