Saturday, September 19, 2009

Otaku special

My friend have just brought a new book, the book title is《放心追,宅男也能把到正妹》.

That book is just what I need right now, too bad they don't sell it at Aus. Yesterday, I went to sing k with a bunch of friends, we got 正妹 among our group. And things were getting even better when we reach the location, because there were more and many many 正妹 and 辣妹, I just felt like in paradise. Australia sure got a lot of 正妹, I got a sudden impulse to stay at Australia and never go back. Comparing Malaysia and Australia, Malaysia really cant match at all, I guess you need to come here to comprehend what is international standard.

I was "shibai da~" (a failure) I couldn't even make a move to 正妹. There were several elements that were on play, ego, unwillingness to lower myself, and I don't want to turn it into an awkward situation if there's any chance. But we do talked a lot, we sat closely together too, that place was cramped and I could felt her body was lying on me. We maintained a friend relationship, but I want more, I want to talk something intimate with her, something realy makes her think that I'm onto her. Still, I played safe because talking with her like friend I could crack jokes and play game with her.

But still not enough, because I didn't make a single move, that doesn't count as a move, because I would do that to other person which I'm not interested with, It's my thing. Hence unsatisfied, need that book 《放心追,宅男也能把到正妹》.

One more thing, Guys, must be careful, very very careful. There was a girl yesterday, I could see her effort on making me drunk, she asked me to drink like 1000 times already, and she was drinking herself too. What was her intention? she ordered like 24 big bottles of beer at first and she asked me to drink. I'm not thinking too much here, she lives quite near to me, and as dumb as I could be, I can feel that she was having an affection on me.

Guys' rule number one when drinking: "never get drunk in front of the person you are not interested with" That's the rule my friends had been telling me since I first came Australia, Australia is totally different with Malaysia, If u get drunk in front of hungry and thirsty girl, the girl that you cant possibly like, there's no guarantee what can happen to you, it's so true that I had heard warning like this for many times already. Most likely they will grope or touch you one when you drunk, or purposely lie on your lap (I kena before). Because this country is inhabited by so many people from different country, you can meet any kind of people here.

I drank 2 bottles of beer and that was it, I remained sober and went back home safely.

An otaku would like this. *nodded. Meng pls enjoy slowly =) You can thank me later for introducing you this.

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