Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time passes by

Time passes by slowly, as I sat down looking at my backyard.

A lot of things went through my mind, I felt like I can spend the whole day by sitting there and watch the birds, trees and wind, and observe the shade change direction with the sun.

I was thinking about my goal, my future, and a few friends who are important to me.

I learnt a lot of things, by talking with them,
I appreciate true friends, a lot.
Seek for the right person for advice, and things are making a lot of sense to me. Seek for the wrong person for advice, not just help you wont get, you also risk your personal matter being exposed for nothing, also being tired for nothing.
Apparently there's a lot of different people out there, deciding who is worthy or unworthy as a friend is often a choice to make.
Thank you, the one who sits beside me during high school, I'm sorry for the harm I caused.

I have somebody in my mind right now, I'm clear of what I want.
I might not have the time privilege like other guy, but I have the heart to wait.
It doesn't matter how or what happen in the future,
It's important only right now, and the intention to continue on to have what I really want and like.
I finally got what you meant, the one who sits beside me during high school.

Every morning my beautiful mom, loves to sit at that extra bed watching the trees and enjoying the calm wind, I finally too, have a grasp of what she was doing, she is thinking about the future of her son...

Thank you mom, you are still very beautiful at your age, and still able to make people envy that I have such a beautiful mom, stay like this forever k? I love you.
- Your son.


没人妖部落格格 said...

appreciate those who appreciate you,leave those who bad too you

and good to see you back on the track^^

R. said...

haha, when think twice, it does really not worth it to bother that kinda friend anymore. sad but true.