Wednesday, July 15, 2009


AHH, fantastic, great, amazing, marvelous, prodigious, all the words you can think of, are inadequate or insufficient to describe transformer if you're not watching the movie yourself.
I mean I heard people commented about how great the movie was, but I just didn't know how great the movie is until I went cinema and watched it with my bare eyes.

It was just freaking amusing, exciting, and heart-beating. Every parts of the movie worth every second of it, and you will feel like watch it and watch it over and over again, until you finally absorb every frame of astonishing images in your brain.

It was greater than its first movie, 10 times or more!
My favourite characters are all the characters of the movie, it is the first time I would like all the characters in one movie!
But the favourite character that I liked the most, is the ex-sector 7 agent, he is damn funny.
He always do the pointless things like climbing up to the top of the pyramid, seemingly doing something contributive for his country, but really achieving nothing other than shouting to the air and wasting the energy to climb up the pyramid.
The sector 7 agent even flashed his rough and craggy butt to the big screen, and a sector 7 underwear!

Whoo, damn enjoying transformer, it's a must watched movie. 
I know I'm kinda late of watching it, but I'm still happy. =D

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spring said...

ya its really a very nice movies..