Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The club

Gosh, I promised that I would train my body to the fittest when I coming back malaysia.
I guess 4 months of training is still not enough, I need at least 2 years to be at their level.
So who are they?
They includes someone who I view as my mentor.
He is very handsome, very fit, and very charismatic. The reason that I started to go gym is because of him, he inspired me deeply.
He and his friends are all regular gym-ing people, they are all bigger than me, I'm the youngest.
His friend is nice looking too, and they are all came from rich family. Always surrounded by girls and hot chick.
I'm so admired them, that's the group where I should belonged, since long time ago.
They are all mature, easy going people, most probably came from same background, it's easy for me to mix with them. I prefer to talk to mature people.

Hope I graduate sooner, so I can join the big boy club.

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