Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beng Hock and MACC downfall parody

This clip was shared by my friend with me yesterday, the parody was taken from a movie called Valkyrie. Valkyrie is a movie about Hitler assassination, the only thing that fascinates me is Hitler himself, because the Hitler in this movie has a striking resemblance to the real Hitler who was dead long ago. I have watched the movie, and these guys are able to make such amusing clip from this movie, really creative hor?

There are numerous of speculations of Beng Hock death circulating the media, people are saying that he was murdered instead of committed suicide. But things are prone to different interpretation, you don't have to listen or follow to everyone, you can make your own speculation as long it is backed up with facts and arguments. And I should put forward my own speculation already. There's no right or wrong with conjecture, it's like a steps to solve the "mathematical problem", there could always be a real answer that will defeat all, because it's not founded on real evidence. It's often the real answer is not the public opinion,

I speculate Beng Hock has committed suicide, he is not murdered by anyone.
He did collect those money on behalf of his employer, MACC had given strong and concrete evidences so he had no possible way to escape.
Under high pressure and lost of hope he ended his life.
The reason I'm giving this speculation is based on the facts that the menteri besar of selangor state had let the gangster to use the state meeting venue, it was on the newspaper.
The menteri besar has been corrupting, obstructing the police to arrest the hooker centre, it's all in the newspaper. I forgot the name already.
Then the menteri besar also got connection with this state assembly member, who is beng hock employer. One person cannot do corruption alone, they must have partners or friends to help.
So both of them are doing the bad things, they are smart because they ask this poor boy to collect those corruption money, while they remained innocent.
When all evidences are pointing toward this poor boy is like the end of his carrer, he is new and inexperienced, he just graduate and new to the society, there's a possiblity that he commited suicide.

I don't preclude the conclusion that, the MACC people PUSH him down the building, or the person who is behind this PUSH him down the building.
It just seems absurd to me to accept that they push him down the building to cover their ass, layman would think it is plausible, but it will only escalate the problem.
But I still don't preclude it, I might be wrong.
Try to think yourself, try imagine what the real culprit would do, would he says "omg, the poor boy has been caught, let us go push the poor boy down the building"
It's stupid, it might be true also because somebody could be that stupid (go push somebody down the building without giving any thought, like it was very fun, very siok).

Ya, I still don't preclude the possibility that somebody push him down the building, like most of the public think. But I think he is likely to have committed suicide more than been murdered.

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没人妖 said...

Politic chest game maybe?i have 50%doubt that beng hock self suicide when 1st read bout the news~anyway Malaysia politic really a mess