Friday, July 3, 2009

Got people complaint

Got people complaint about my blog theme, she said that my blog very girly.
Yup, I admit after hearing what she said about my blog.

First of all she said my blog uses pink colour for the font.
And second she said my blog banner is girly.

I would like to explain this, as I was completely shocked when I heard her comments.
The reason that I used pink colour for "some of the font" is because, I'm partially Colour Blind
What I see is grey colour instead of pink, if u ask me now which font I uses pink colour, I cant tell, because I cant distinguish efficiently between colours.
I can only tell it's pink when the colour exhibited comprised or extend to a larger area, the intensity of the colour is higher, and the colour standalone rather than mixing with other.

About the banner, I always like 晴天, so I searched the google for the theme I like, and found the pictures quite nice. It is just that simple.
I don't really care that picture girly or not, I just like the theme, to think of it, It does look girly a bit.

After considering this, I will change my blog appearance again, but at the meantime, I use this banner first.

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