Friday, July 31, 2009

It should be now

Perfectionist I am, it often troubles me when I fail to acomplish thing according to what I want. How longer should it troubles me? Should I give up the ideology itself?
"Nothing is perfect, but we have to be close to perfect as much as we can." That is what I always says. Have I bear it too much?

I know I'm getting sick of it, I was too worried about failing to achieve the right thing until I lose grip on situations that supposed to be solved easily. I couldn't let any flaws in my decision, tense and pressure built up, I consulted people, and then still made a bad decision. It's bad in my context because it's not perfect.

It's time that I lower the bar, lower my expectation, lower my contentment, and stop pursuing perfection. Acquisitiveness was comsuming me, and I was disgraced.
I'm losing...

Be modest, be humble, be moderate, and be myself.

So I can have peace.

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