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The executive me

I had stayed many hotels before every since I was a little kid.
But being executive only started 3 years ago, before this we only stayed at superior or standard room, because my family is quite big, 6 persons and sometime plus my ah ma, ah gong, who are living with my uncle, will occasionally join us, so every time will always take at least 2 rooms at hotel.

The executive room hotels that I had invaded since 2006, are more famously known:
The G hotel at penang, The boulevard hotel at mid valley city kuala lumpur,
The Cititel hotel at mid valley city kl, and the most luxurious one is The Garden hotel at mid valley also.

G hotel
Room: executive suite

One thing special about this post is, I only talk about the executive type of room, which you wont get at ordinary price. Example, I wont talk about like the standard room which also got executive standard room, where room will be the same, just got extra facilities for you to use, and slightly expensive.

And this type of room is executive suite, there's no "suite" only. There must be an executive status for this type of room.
Pictures can tell not much precise about the luxury, I just used a 5 mp handphone camera. The colour of this picture is too disqualifying to portray the opulence of this room, it actually didn't display the right colour as when I was in this room, 6 months ago.

Again, taking picture is not really my favour, this room got a huge toilet with see through window, the size of the toilet was like "bigger than a small room, and consisted of two compartments similar to two small rooms combined", I didn't take a good picture of it. The G hotel which purportedly the best and most expensive hotel in penang, has an executive suite room toilet which is not really a simple one: it's by far the most largest toilet I ever used in hotel's room. Not just the sheer size of it, it's luxuriousness is extremely high, but I wont say it's the most highest one.
Other details are, two large screen plasma tv, an Ipod music dork, and internet connection.

You can still get a more expensive room than this, which is the service apartment (with kitchen) and The G suite. Two of these room don't really fit the use of my family.

The executive lounge

Still continue with G hotel, this is the executive lounge where people staying in room with executive status have the privilege of enjoying or using this facility.
I came to know about the executive privileges about 3 years ago, before that I got complete absent of the knowledge.
Executive lounge is the place for afternoon or evening tea, there's whole lots of variety of dessert, beverages, and food. You can come anytime to sit down and relax, while viewing the outstanding and breathtaking view out of the window, you can see the whole gurney drive and sea from there. It's remarkably awesome.
The choice of food of there is chocolate, cake, some dishes, cookies. I just generally listed out the types of food, and not going into details, but I can tell you the food is just about the quality as the hotel itself.
The beverage got wine, beer, soft drinks and fruit juice.
There was also a secret fridge where you can get more and more canned-drinks, it's secret because it's hidden inside the cupboard where you thought it's just a decorative wall. Don't worry about the secret-ness, it's just to fool the new comer so they wont be that easily to get the free drinks themselves.
Beside that, there was also a free pc with internet available for us, big LCD screen or plasma tv, cocktails (only in certain period), and toilet of course.

These all facilities I have mentioned are compulsory in every executive lounge and is present in every executive lounge I ever been.

Again, I dislike the feeling of taking picture like a journalist. So I didn't take many picture. I had been there for many times, and got no feeling for it already. This picture were taken 1 year ago, before I was about to leave the country.

They are seemingly a bit extravagant, but still I enjoyed it. You can get the executive status by taking the executive standard room if you think suite is too expensively unnecessary. But I dare you to take it, because you will surely impressed with the room itself.
G hotel has always been the favourite of my family, because of the striking penang sea view where you can get from your room or the lounge.

The Boulevard hotel
Executive lounge

Another luxurious hotel's executive lounge, still not much pictures had been taken too.
The lounge was extremely large, you can jogging inside the lounge if you want.
You can see the view of the KL tower and KLIA from there clearly and nicely, this was taken 6 months ago during new year eve. We enjoyed fireworks and had a new year eve celebration there, the hotel had their own fireworks though it was too close for us to see it from there.
Other details are, more number of PC available for use, the toilet is larger with bathroom, more table and chairs and more Tv as well. Overall larger than the G hotel.

The studio room

We stayed at the studio room of this hotel, no picture at all for this room because I didn't take any.
The room was very large and only available at every corner of the hotel, because of the design of the room itself.
It also got the executive status, and a large see through bathroom and toilet.
See through means only glass, that includes the door.
SO, I think it's a good idea to bring your girl friend to stay in this type of room, hahaha, just kidding. BECAUSE THE BATHROOM DOOR NOT JUST MADE OF GLASS, IT CANT BE LOCKED!

The current trend is like this, and we are always expect it to be so:
The more expensive the room is, the more "see through" toilet or bathroom you'll get.
There's 70% of possibility it's like this.

The only problem with this hotel was, it's a years old hotel, it's very modern, just the things aren't new.

The Garden hotel!!

By far the best of all hotel I ever stayed in malaysia is this.
It's extremely modern, every inch of its hotel wall is a work of art.
The garden hotel was truly amazing, it will stunt everyone who is first entering the hotel. You can go google to have a look of what it's like.

Sadly there's only two types of room in this hotel: standard room, or executive standard room.

All the room are the same size, just you can ask for twin bed or king size bed.
Then if you like being executive, add 1 hundred bucks you can enjoy the executive-ness of this extremely luxury hotel.
First benefit of being executive is, you check in not at the reception lounge at the ground floor, BUT! YOU'LL CHECK IN AT THE TOP FLOOR, WITH SPECIAL ROOFLESS SKY VIEW AND HYPER EXTREMELY GOOD SERVICE.
You'll be stunned, stupefied by the beauty of the hotel, every corner every walls ceiling or no ceiling, is made of art and expensive materials.

I'm the one of the guy in my family who does the check in beside my dad, and that time was me who did the check in, and my dad didn't know anything about this special treatment. If he knew he would come along too, hahaha.

The executive lounge is standardized got everything there.
It was large and had more varieties of food and beverage.
I was impressed with the service they provide, as they will serve you every minutes and every hours until you'll feel like a king.


By far the most smallest in size of the executive lounge is the G hotel one at penang.
But it was the most comfortable one and the view was the best out of all the hotels I mentioned.

I regretted I didn't take any picture of The garden hotel,because it was the most beautiful hotel I ever stayed. It was 6 months ago when we first stayed at the hotel, and the hotel was just built.
Still in construction at that time was The Garden residences hotel, right beside to it.
It's designed for big family like us to go, with more bedroom in one apartment.
It's a hotel although all rooms are likely to be apartment.
The concept was developed for family to stay, so next time we will probably go visit that hotel and stay there. There was a building part between The Garden hotel and The Garden residences hotel, and was likely to be a huge swimming pool and spa facilities.

I'm looking forward to visit that hotel soon.
Thanks to my generous parents who always took care of us, and had given us all the luxurious that we are able to enjoy, and also always had given the best for us.

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