Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Freedom of speech

The freedom of speech and freedom fo the press is a central tenet of a free democracy.

The importance of free speech in a democracy can be explained as such, it is not necessary to stress the ends which are achieved by the capcity to speak freely: ideas might be developed freely, culture may be refined, and the arrogance or abuse of power may be controlled. These ends are important ends in a free society.

This is something which is clearly our nation lacked. Therefore as the first step to neutralise our nation, the freedom of speech has to be given further extend without being confined by political or executive power. And of course a clear fine line has to be drawn to prevent the crime of sedition and defiance.

Our freedom of speech has been heavily constrained by ISA because the Act is undefined, capable of encompassing areas which are evidently in our fundamental right to express.
The freedom of speech ostensibly be seen as the first step towards democracy, because what's good if you don't even have the right to protect your own right, and you still want to assert your right of freedom of speech? I see malaysia as a country of such. At the moment, I stumbled on here and unable to go on and suggest the means and remedy. I'll try to explore the options and ways to rectify all this, finding the answer to consolidate our fundamental rights as a citizens, to make transparent our administration at state and federal level ,and ultimately to ensure a democracy country. The first answer to all this, is the freedom of speech. It still got a long way to go.

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