Friday, July 10, 2009

The reversion of using Malay as a medium of learning math, and science.

I been observing the hot debating issue for two days already, and it's likely that the decision that had been made, will not be changed.

Now we only need to contemplate the prospective effect of such reversion.

Malaysia is governed mostly by pig head twit which got little ability to think,
no matter how much you tell them, or how much you have proven to them,
that such reversion will destroy the efforts to make Malaysian graduatees to possess a strong command on english language, and to be able to make rival and compete with the world in academic achievement in subjects like maths and science.  
It's because that these two subjects are all teach in english in higher level, it would be a major disadvantage to learn these two subjects in Malay in early stage, as the student will find it difficult for them to cope with the teaching when they reach the tertiary level of study.
Adding extra time of and intensified the teaching of english will do no help for the student.
- It's like adding extra time for swimming lesson in a calm water, but never did let them swim in sea with tide and wind, where the mission is to swim in a violent and vigorous sea water.
With only a decrease in graph pattern, they already concluded that english is not the suitable medium for teaching maths and science. 
C'mon, such pattern was expected, such decrease in academic score was anticipated, you tried to rectify the wrong trend, and you such expect the uncomfortability of doing so.

By saying that we cant use english to learn maths and science, our academic result decreasing, we have conceded that we are worst than singapore, hong kong and other asian countries which use english for maths and science, our student are dumb-er. 

I'm so tried to write further, wanna sleep already, lazy to write long also.
So I shorten the prospective adverse effects of such decision:
1. lower the confidence of student to study maths and science in tertiary level.
2. provides no better incentive of learning english.
3. indirectly discourage people to use english extensively
4. produce more idiot teacher who cant use english to teach. (because they don't need to)
5. the use of precise technical terms will likely to be replaced by simple undeveloped malay terms. More ambiguity in text meaning. More limitation in expression. More likely the borrowed-terms from english will be used. More new unoriginal words in kamus dewan.
6. student cant cope with the study when come to tertiary level.

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