Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The afternoon

The afternoon was peaceful, quiet, and bright.
While listening to music, I was in total relaxing state.

Now you know why I so like malaysia and my home.
My friend said "Why don't you work at oversea and never come back? many people did that."
Nah, oversea is not really the place for me. Or maybe Australia is the problem.

Living at oversea is like living in a dead town, the ambience of the residential area is very dead.
I prefer the busy narrow road, where you can always spot road kill, deranged man shouting nonsensically, people quarreling when accident occurred, and cops bribery.

At oversea so sien, unless you live at the city, and the living cost will be so different already.
And also, you can only live a very simple and moderate life at oversea, you'll probably work with some company, having a wage that looks a lot only when it's converted to malaysia ringgit. How stupid is that, that just bogus. 
If you earn like 3k per month at aus, you convert it to RM 9k, and you say it's a lot. But in fact 3k is very shity at aus, sometime I used 2k per month already for the living cost. How you gonna raise a family and buy car and house?
So you will most probably live a very moderate life at oversea, that's not what I wanted.

The chances that you will be success at oversea is diminished by geographical and adaptability factors. It will takes many years before you're fully understood and adapted with the culture, social, and the thinking and mind-set of the local people. 
There are too many limitations to start as new at oversea, but less limitation if you are not starting new, but merely moving what you already own.

Yes, it's wonderful to hear people are leaving for oversea, and their life are prospered.
That just the false image that most of the people get, the truth is they only live a moderate life at oversea, because most of them work as employees only. And the benefit of living at oversea is that everyone are lazy to work, middle class people constitutes the majority of the society, there's nothing to be compared with. You go there you earn some money, and that's it, you can live a comfortable life and wont look poor. 

I chose to come back because I'm a more realistic person. And my home is too irresistible to be abandoned. Oversea is just a place for study, holiday, or as a retirement place. Definitely not a place to kick start your dream. Or maybe yes if your dream is to work under people and live a moderate and boring life. 

I read the Aussie newspaper, australia is still a very racist country, not on the face of law like malaysia, but in the area of business opportunity, elevation or promotion. Not just that, you can try open a clinic and see you got business or not. Once they saw you got dark skin, or slit-eyes, you can hit flies already. Must understand that those who have proven success are local people, even though they are not white but asian, they already assimilated with the local culture and tend to be easier to form the bond with local people. Not like us, who from oversea. You'll need to stay there for a long time before you can establish and achieve like what the locals have, and that time period may be so long that you can retire already.

Conclusion, I'm not going to live at oversea especially Australia, I might go America, Taiwan or Japan which is more interesting and could be the compensating factors. 


没人妖 said...

living for money or money for living?

R. said...

interesting question, i'll think about it.
at the mean time, I choose living for money first.