Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunny day~

Here will be my new home, everything will start as new.

My name is Ron, I'm 21 years old, born in 16, October, 1988, libra.
Currently I'm a student at Monash University Australia, second year of law degree.
When it comes to writing about myself, I really don't have much to say,
I have my own beliefs and principles that I would defend to the highest extend,
and also an open-minded person willing to accept and to hear what is right or wrong.
And here will be the place for me to write down my feelings, thoughts, experiences, and also basically, a small part or fraction of my life will be captured and preserved in here by words and stories. I'm now 181 cm, 68 kg. I still wish I can be higher, fitter, because I believe constantly improving your physical appearance is also an important task to be accomplished, life is short, so flourish so that you can make the best out of yourself.
I backed to malaysia a week already for sem break, 
I had met a couple of friends, and also known a new person, hope I can proceed to know her more.
Things aren't changed much, and a new start is often at the original place, so it's good to be at home. I like use 晴天 as my name, it all started when I was at high school, that time Jay chou just out a new album, I'm always his fan since his debut album. There was one day, I sat at the piano and I subconsciously played out his song 晴天, by using both hand without practice. So from that day onward, I knew I have the capability to naturally know the chords and mimic any song immediately as long I could remember the tune. That marked an important beginning of something in my life, so I always like to use 晴天. 


Ms.y said...
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Ms.y said...

actually you already know a lot about her and she never want to hide anything.

nice to meet you.. =)

R. said...

I'm happy to know her too =)