Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dad you are the greatest

I stumbled upon the apple new promotion regarding its new Macbook pro.
I instantly felt the "crumble" inside me, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MACBOOK ALUMINIUM ?

It has been renamed to Macbook pro aluminium, the design is completely the same, except for an added SD card slot.

AND, 0.12 ghz faster, extra 2gb DDR3 ram.

WTH, I just bought the apple 4 months ago, I was telling my dad about the apple wicked plan of rebranding the previous Macbook aluminium to Macbook pro aluminium.
Damn un-satisfied with such taken move, it's all steve jobs' fault, must be one of his many cunning ideas to increase his business profitability.

He installed bluetooth device in every Iphone and Ipod but made crippled the products so that they cant use bluetooth without the new firmware upgrade, and of course extra payment is needed for the firmware upgrade. - wicked

Steve Jobs you not steady lah, the idea of rebranding the product had just made my Macbook aluminium instantly obsolete. You just announced that macbook 1 year ago, now it's outdated already. I damn dislike it, it's like you just bought a Nokia N95, then not long after that, Nokia announced a new Nokia N95 8g (Luckily I bought this one), or Nokia 3310 then came this Nokia 3310 "I"

I was expressing my depress while looking at the apple web site.

Then came the life-saving words from my dad: "I'll buy you that new macbook pro, this one you give me use."

Omg! dad are you serious? "ya lah, I want to use also, your sister want to use too"
Mom! Is dad serious? "har lah! Use Daddy money."
I want to give my sister use too.

Happy ever after, The end.


没人妖 said...

dude, you seem very cray with apple product~haha

R. said...

apple laptop arguably the best laptop in the world.
Light-weight, no vibration, quiet, and thin.
tat's why im so on to apple.