Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had lots of lazing at home these days, surfing the net in a air-con room.
As my holiday is coming to an end, I tend to stay at home for most of the time.

Going to penang tomorrow, this time my ah ma and ah gong are coming with us,
there will be a bon odori festival on this saturday, and we are going too.
I went the bon odori  2 years ago at kl, it was an enormous event, with thousands of people attended each year. 
This year they expect it to have 50 thousand of people attending the festival.

It will be very crowded there, but it doesn't concern me, I just want to have fun with my family.
The food doesn't concern me as well, I know there will be selling of japanese foods there,
but those are just the usual one. We are going to Tao's to partake of the authentic japanese cuisine, I know Tao's is also typical, but it's better than the food from bon odori a lot.

So I don't know what should I say to recommend people to go there, what sort of attractions or allurements that are compelling, I might just say you should go because of the food, or you should go because it's a big event. But one thing I'm sure is you can see a lot of weird people, dressing queerly seeking attention, and also you'll get to see the japanese traditional performance. 

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