Sunday, July 19, 2009

Squanderer, Vacation

Dad said since I back the electricity bill increased RM300 more, that means I used a lot of electricity.

I felt ashamed of myself, it wasn't dad who told me personally, it was mom. Mom wants me to learn how to conserve resources, and use sparingly. I will try, but it's not easy in my home.

The air con in my room is larger than usual, and got high horsepower. If the scale of the HP is 1 to 5, mine should be 5 HP. It consumes a lot of energy, some more I sometimes use it during afternoon. So it's hard to conserve energy in my home. 
My house electricity bill can buy a nokia N97 already, every month. Not to mention water bill, and other.
It makes me realized one thing, I got a high maintenance house, 
I must study harder in order to excel, so I can do the same thing like them.

All feelings aside, focus on my ambition first.

The Little Genting

We went to a place called little genting. It is situated at penang, bayan lepas there go down further by the coastal road. 
It was a bit far, rough road was all along the way to there, and finally a 60 degree hill climb up to the top, we got this, the sunset at the sea. It was such a overwhelming moment we literally indulged in the beauty of the sunset, and the breathtaking view from top of the mountain. 

My sis with my dad. I felt uncomfortable exposing my family photo, just once in a while I'll do so, but this is the first time.

Mom was giving me the attitude look, while ordering dishes. 

Little sis busy with taking photo.

Ah ma, and Ah gong. Ah gong is very conservative and holds firmly on lots of traditional view.
Notable handsome when he was young, I couldn't believe he is my grandfather when I saw his pictures, I'm not overrated lo. He is very strict, unlike my ah ma who is more tender and loving.

The sun sank into the sea as we watched. God created this beautiful moment for us to keep and remains us constantly there's always a beautiful side on this world. Don't give up because of the obstacles and hinderances that we stumbled upon, but continue to fight on because of the good things that always been exist.

The bon odori

It's easier to use the chinese idiom to describe, "people sea people mountain".
I had plenty of fun there with my family.
And also a ppk from a friend.

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