Monday, July 6, 2009

The days are less and less

I love being at home, and I can't understand why people dislike to be at home.

I'm counting my days to melbourne,  I wish that day will never come.

Everyday at home, albeit slacking at most of the time, I'm totally enjoyed it.
I can watch astro which has endless tv shows,  
I can play with my dogs, 
I can watch my dad's fish pond,
I can play piano and occasionally open meetoto and perform,
I can go out to the balcony lie down the floor with cushion and watch the sky for hours,
aahhhh... it just reminds me that I should do that tomorrow, watching the sky for hours, definitely.

Not just things I could do, but also better things I could enjoy.
I got king size bed, own bedroom and toilet at my home.
How good is that? Try compare this with a single bed and communal bathroom and toilet at melbourne, sad lo, I could hear somebody farting when I was in the toilet, then came the stench, how "enjoyable".
And lots of things like food, cleanness, all are better too. 

I wish I'll never leave my home...


没人妖部落格格 said...

once you have tasted the chili you will know what spicy mean^^.

home is always a better place^^

R. said...

haha you're right