Saturday, July 25, 2009

The longest 12 seconds

I thought we will never met again, I thought you left and never return, I thought our fate is just a coincidence.

3 years already... There was a girl when I was in Taylor college, I tried to chase her but never succeed. She is very beautiful, elegant in every ways which makes me wanna go for her. But the real reason was our fate had often brought us together.

We would see each other everytime when we go out, bump into each other so often that it is no more surprising to see her in most unthinkable places.

I have her msn, talked to her several times but it's too late for me as she already got a bf. I have given up but fate hasn't.

She left to oversea to study Law, at UK University of Reading. Since then we never met. But yesterday fate has brought us together again, she was standing in front of me, like it was 3 years ago, and she has not change at all.

The only thing that stands between us is her bf. It was the longest 12 seconds in my life, watching her in a packed lift. I desperately tried to take the next lift but it was packed till the next 2 rounds.

Her name is Yean. Those who know her must know she is very beautiful, my buddy should know that.
She was gone when I reached the departure hall.

When will we meet again?

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