Friday, July 10, 2009


I was astonished with my friend, xin yun, she managed to sell her books close to original price! 
I still got my first year first semester books which never did manage to sell also,
and she sold it with a margin of 15 bucks from the original price, how she managed to do that?!

One more thing that I was impressed about her, 
she started a relationship right before she went back to australia when she returned to malaysia for only 2 weeks of holiday. 
I can see nothing but Love, Courage and strong Belief and Hope that could make the long distance relationship works. What's more when she only back for 2 weeks, I'm sure the time they spent together wasn't long, though they had chosen: 距离是一份考卷,测试相爱的誓言

If not for my stupid pride and passive disposition...
If you read this, Sorry for quoting out your phrase without your permission.
We will probably never meet again, don't mind la =D