Saturday, July 11, 2009

Project R

Something struck my mind when I was listening to two of my songs,以前 and 的故事.
It was written as sequal to another, breifly portraying my high school period.
It got its own lyrics, for both of them, but I didn't put it out here.

So, I got an idea of something worth a try of, something that I see may be the future of music production industry, something that's new and original, and most likely never been attempted.

I called it Project R, and the date of initiation will be at 1st of august 2009,
I named it that way, because it will be used to challenge my own creativity, and my music composing ability. It will also extends my own border and breaks the limitations in making music, which is always been my hobby.

Project R:
The idea is this, I will start composing songs which has its own story, each song will makes part of the bigger story, like episodes of a drama. lyrics will be written by me, even though I know I'm a very crappy lyrics writer, but I want the story be made my me consistently, so no choice but to use me as the lyrics writer.

For example, I'll make 10 songs, every song makes an integral parts of a story.
To "read" the story, you listen to the song while looking at the lyrics which tells the story.
Each song will have their own names and lyrics of course, and it wont be named as part 1 or part 2, instead it will be named by their own theme.

The duration of this project is 2 years, so the date of completion will be at 1st august 2011.
It's because I'm devoting my time mostly to studies and uni, 2 years will be reasonable for me to complete this project. And I suck at writing lyrics, so it will takes more time too.


没人妖 said...

take it slow my friend^^

R. said...

2 years is really slow, don't you think so?

没人妖 said...

Rome was not built in one day